Friends, Associates and Occasional Collaborators:

Palomar Theatre – A Bristol-based theatre group dedicated to “staging the subconscious and exploring vulnerability and shame”, co-founded by my outrageously talented one-time protégé Eleanor Hope-Jones.

Lisa Rose Illustration – Italian-born UK based illustrator, specialising in narrative and printmaking. Once painted a dress for me. Bought me two beautiful Italian leather-bound notebooks for my birthday in what has proven to be a successful attempt to get me writing again. So, if you don’t like any of this, it’s all her fault.

Ink Soup – A magazine and collective with a love for comics and visual arts who will always be close to my heart for, amongst other things, putting some of my work into print for the very first time. If you live in or near Bristol, their live-drawing/music events are a must-see.

Stokes Croft Writers – Bristol-based group of writers; responsible for the excellent regular Talking Tales storytelling event. Podcasts can be found on iTunes, here, and they now have a YouTube channel, too.

Eloquent Bear – “bumbling travelogues, high-minded literary fiction, tragicomic performance pieces, experimental flash fiction, lofty poetry… effective copywriting, sharp editing, content marketing, news & reviews, social media” from the immensely talented Andy Melhuish, who will always be the giant to my Inigo.

Mel Ciavucco – Blogger, author and screenwriter, who compèred Talking Tales with aplomb during the nervous wreckage of my first-ever attempt at spoken word, and also appears in the photo above.

Last of the Famous International Fanboys – You know how most comics “fans” on the ‘net spend their whole lives complaining about the medium they profess to love? Paul Cornish is not like that. Once achieved Twitter nirvana by being accused of being both a misogynist (he’s not) and a Social Justice Warrior in the space of 24 hours. Also a tremendous Science Communicator in his day job (that’s what TripAdvisor says, anyway) and, as frontman of much-missed Goth/punk/indie duo Sophie I Love You, Sophie I’m Dead, responsible for the single greatest song introduction ever uttered in the Western Hemisphere. He and his friend Rhys L. Griffiths have also recently started Zod! Show Me Magic, a podcast for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Extended Universe who fancy dipping their toes into the comics.

Esme Betamax – Bristol based authorial and editorial illustrator and self-described “Jack of all trades/Master of one” (she can actually do rather more than that, if I’m honest). All-round good egg. Taught me how to play bass, after a fashion, but is emphatically not to blame for the cross-dressing part.

Becky Bites Back – Blog by Becky Beynon-Lewis: Dementia Friend & Champion, writer, jewellery maker, crafty bird, editor of The Bite magazine, one time dancer, and lover of tentacles, cupcakes, horror, geekery and vintage. Once saved my life, in a manner of speaking.