So what’s all this about then?

I have a lot of things in my head, pretty much constantly, so I thought it was time I found somewhere else to put them.

Things? Like what?

Stories, mainly. Ideas, too. Some, all or none of which may end up appearing here in one form or another.

What’s with the title?

Read the first few stories. I’m not doing it on purpose! And hopefully I’ve got it out of my system now…

But it’s all a bit pointless, isn’t it?

I guess, but then, I’m not looking to make money out of this, or expecting anyone to think these are the greatest things ever. Some people seem to like the way I put one word in front of another, and that’s good enough for me.

Didn’t this section used to be a bit more florid and depressing?

It did, but I realised people couldn’t see how firmly my tongue was planted in my cheek over the ‘net. And the joke was never that funny anyway…

Do you still want a hug, though?

Yeah, ‘course. Hugs are awesome!